Hieno Japanilainen lastenkulttuurilehti !


Sweet as sugar

This wooden cakes and sweet things set is our girls super favorite.
They play cafeteria, parties, birthdays, queens & servants and what ever else with it.

(Available at Ipanalle-webshop, and toystores...)


Pajaki - Mobiles of Straw

Pajaki - The literal translation is "spiders of straw".
Located 90 kilometers from Warsaw the town of Lowicz and
surrounding villages comprise the center of what many consider
to be Poland's most colorful folk region.
A typical village house from this area was full of colored flower paintings,
fancy paper cut-outs and mobiles made of straw and colored paper.
The mobiles or pajaki are delicate creations hand made by the women
and girls of the villages as decorations for their homes.


Temple of Twigs

"For two years, an eerie, twisted fairytale dwelling arose from a grassy meadow at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Toad Hall was 27 feet tall, with a domed roof, windows, and doors. It was built entirely of twigs.

“Of course I’m a lightning rod for it,” says artist Patrick Dougherty, “but people tell me about their favorite sticks and trees all the time.”

Who better to tell? He’s crafted more than 150 stick sculptures in two decades, and his new works continue to decorate open spaces, indoor museums, and cityscapes in the United States, Europe, and Asia."




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